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Our Mission

Prosperous Acupuncture Clinic provide the ultimate benefit package for your employees. Our workplace programs calm the minds and tune the bodies up of your team. Mobile massage therapy, on-site acupuncture treatment empower your employees to reset mentally and approach the next task with energy and motivation.

What is Corporate Wellness Program?

While there are many forms of Corporate Wellness Program including on-site therapy or subsidized programs through employee's health insurance, organization may pay nothing if health insurance totally cover. on-site therapists are the most common and provide a lot of benefits to employers and employees.

First of all, what employee wouldn’t want to get a treatment of some kind while they have pain at work? Having on-site therapists creates a tangible incentive system and bypasses the employee trying to fit a treatment into their schedule outside of work. Outside of cost, time is the main reason why people don’t get treatment. 

With an onsite Corporate Wellness Program, an organization contracts with our acupuncturists or massage therapists to come to the office and give employee treatment. These sessions could be as often as once a week or twice a month, —it is customizable by the business. 


Employee Benefits

  • Increases overall employee health

  • Treats immune system to reduce sick days

  • Effectively decreases stress

  • Effectively treats insomnia and other sleep issues

  • Adds value to the company wellness program

  • Covered by insurance

  • Helps employee use benefit plans to full potential

Employer Benefits

  • Decreases worker compensation claims by preventing and ameliorating work-related injuries, including shoulder, wrist, cervical spine, and back pain

  • Reduces sick days

  • Reduces health plan costs

  • Increase employee performance

  • On-site convenience for employee reduces time spent away from office

  • Better image for those seeking employment.

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